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Protective Relay Terminal TOPAZ DRP-35 certified for compliance with IEC 61850
02/15/2022 06:48:35 pm

Protective Relay Terminal TOPAZ DRP-35 certified for compliance with IEC 61850

PLC Technology has successfully passed all the necessary tests to achieve compliance with IEC 61850 international standard and received the Certificate of Conformity for Protective Relay Terminal TOPAZ DRP-35.

The attestation was realized by DNV GL certification center in the Netherland and confirmed the compliance with the international standard IEC 61850 Communication Networks and Systems in Substations in the Edition 2 Parts 6, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4 and 8-1. Fourteen conformance blocks were verified with positive results covering international requirements to Substation Configuration Language (SCL), Basic Communication Structure, Abstract Communication Services Interface (ACSI), Common Data Classes (CDC), Logical Nodes, Specific Communications Service Mappings (SCSM). Testing procedure was carried out in accordance with the requirements of IEC 61850-10 using Unigrid SA 1.8.1 simulator with a set of test cases 20210930.1 and UNICA 61850 6.40.01 analyzer.

PLC Technology LLC has been developing TOPAZ DRP-35 Microprocessor-based Protective Relay Terminal during several years. TOPAZ DRP-35 is designed for use in 6–35 kV installations including digital substations.

TOPAZ DRP-35 supports all IEC 61850 features:
• SCL configuration (IEC 61850-6);
• Support for MMS and GOOSE (IEC 61850-8-1) information exchange protocols.

TOPAZ DRP-35 features a flexible configuration of software components and internal interconnections based on logical nodes according to IEC 61850–7-4, which allows a set of protection, automation, and control functions to be implemented in accordance with the regulatory and technical documentation. Logic is set by graphical block-based programming using specialized TOPAZ DRP software.

It is worth mentioning that TOPAZ DRP-35 Microprocessor-based Protective Relay Terminal with a built-in algorithm for automatic frequency load shedding had also previously passed other certification tests. In this way PLC Technology received a Certificate of Conformity for standards established by “System Operator of United Energy System JSC”. Via the cooperation with the well-recognized Russian and international certification organizations PLC Technology demonstrates a focus on the continuous improvement of its products' quality and the readiness to drive the business progress.

The certificate is published on the UCA website in the register of devices that have passed the tests.
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