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IEC 61850 standard working group meeting

IEC 61850 standard working group meeting

On February 12–14, the meeting of the IEC 61850 standard developers' working group 10 of Technical Committee 57 was held in Sochi. PLC Technology was one of the event partners.

Members of the working group of the IEC 61850 standard gather twice a year at varying locations to discuss development issues and amend the standard as necessary. Specialists from all over the world come to the meeting, including representatives of power equipment manufacturers and specialists from energy companies, test centers, and energy sector alliances. This is the third time the group is meeting in Russia; previous meetings were held in Moscow (2010) and in St. Petersburg (2013). PLC Technology employees are members of the working group of the IEC 61850 standard developers.

New sections of the standard were discussed at the meeting, including:

• IEC 61850-10-3 Functional testing
• IEC 61850-90-12 Ed 2 — WAN Guideline
• EC 61850-7-5 Modeling Concept
• IEC 61850-6-2 Configuration description language for extensions for human machine interfaces.
• And others.

The IEC 61850-10-3 technical report describes the functional testing methodology for protection and control systems created based on the IEC 61850 standard, using specialized instruments covered by this standard.
IEC 61850-90-12 Ed2 is the second edition of the technical report dedicated to data exchange between substations, between substations and control centers, and between control centers based on the IEC 61850 technologies.
Section IEC 61850-7-5 of the standard describes general principles for creating information models for all areas of IEC 61850 application, including substations, hydroelectric power plants, DER, etc.
IEC 61850-6-2 is a draft document that defines the standard methodology and language for describing user interfaces of protection and control systems.
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