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PLC Technology won the Digital Breakthrough contest in the Best Digital Project and Best Professional team categories

PLC Technology won the Digital Breakthrough contest in the Best Digital Project and Best Professional team categories

PLC Technology won the Digital Breakthrough contest in the Best Digital Project category with its project Developing efficient digital substation architecture and equipment for its construction.
The aim of the project is to develop architectural solutions and equipment for digital substations using a process bus based on the IEC 61850-9-2 standard, which, in addition to the technological advantages, reduces CAPEX and OPEX as compared to traditional systems when implemented at 6–220 kV substations.
One of the most important benefits of the digital substation technology is the capability to extend the qualitative and quantitative range of the protection and control system functions by extending the software itself, rather than by increasing the amount of system hardware.
Our implementation experience has demonstrated that digital substation technology can be efficient for 6–35 kV distribution networks if the appropriate architecture and equipment are selected.
The above-mentioned digital systems proved to be no more expensive that their conventional counterparts. Implementing several functions (power-system protection, automated process control, electricity quality control, emergency recording, etc.) within the digital substation makes it possible to achieve a significant cost advantage.
For example, when implementing a digital system for automated process control, installing analog signal converters and discrete signal converters on the primary equipment and creating a process bus, the remaining system development comes down to adding algorithms for processing the digital data available in the process bus.
Bearing in mind that the cost of digital automated process control and emergency recording systems is comparable to the cost of traditional solutions, proper equipment design at the process bus level makes it possible to obtain a power-protection system at the cost of its software (power-system protection algorithms).
To a large extent, this cost advantage is based on using equipment from a single manufacturer for each implemented digital cluster.
This uniquely designed project plays an important role on our way to innovations.
Global changes include:

• Significant reduction in assembly and setup work
• Higher efficiency of maintenance and operational specialists
• Faster elimination of process non-compliances
• Reduced equipment cost
• Management based on smart microprocessors, excluding the human factor

No dependency on environmental conditions thanks to automatically switching the user to other generating facilities in the event of a voltage drop.
PLC Technology has been awarded a certificate (2nd degree) in the Best Professional Team category for its project
to use the TOPAZ SVAM vibroacoustic monitoring system for guarding 110–750 kV cable lines, the site perimeter, and for detecting unauthorized activities within the guarded area.
The PLC Technology team's development of the unique project for creating and implementing innovative digital solutions has had the following benefits:

• Improved power supply security for consumers
• Uninterruptible power supply
• Reduced operational shutdowns
• Monitoring of the emergency situation forecasting
• Centralized recording

Our team's key objective is to optimize costs and resources, which is in the interest of both parties (the enterprise and the customer).
In a constantly changing economic environment, common goals are key to responding quickly to the industry circumstances, and our plans were supported at every step of the development and implementation process.
We have a team of professionals who know what they will be working on in the near future as we continue to implement the project.
We have already achieved a result that is of interest to technical specialists and companies with regard to its further development and implementation.
The Digital Breakthrough contest was organized by PJSC Rosseti under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Energy, the Russian Energy Agency, the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and leading associations of the fuel and energy sector of Russia.
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