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The TOPAZ FBU Optical Bypass Switch is designed for preventing failures in optical data transmission networks during power supply interruptions or technical maintenance.
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The TOPAZ FBU optical bypass switch is designed to protect optical data networks from failures during power outages or maintenance. TOPAZ FBU is an ultrafast solution for protecting critical fiber networks from power system failures with automatic recovery.

TOPAZ FBU is an industrial fiber optic bypass switch with four integrated LC connectors having an optical bypass function. Optical ports support 10/100/1000 Gbps fiber optic connections. The device automatically switches optical network traffic to prevent connection failures during power loss.

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Principle of operation

Two ports are used to connect to two remote switches, while two other ports are used to connect to a local switch. TOPAZ FBU and the local fiber optic Ethernet switch are powered by the same power source.

When connected to power, TOPAZ FBU operates normally and transmits Ethernet packets between two remote fiber optic switches and a local switch.

between two remote fiber-optic switches, bypassing the local switch.

As soon as the power of the system device is restored, standard operation resumes.

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TOPAZ FBU has three power inputs to improve system reliability and uptime. Mounting on a DIN rail and a wide range of supply voltages (9 - 52 V or 90 - 265 V) and operating temperatures (from -40 to 75 0C) makes it possible to use the system in various industrial operating conditions.


Feature Value
Ports 4
Baud rate, Mbit/s: 10/100/1000
Fiber optic operation mode:
- SM version single-mode
 - MM version multi-mode
Connector type LC
Loss, max., dB 1,5
Bypass mode switch time, ms up to 10
Power supply
Supply voltage range, V:
 - standard version 9÷52 (DC)
 - HV version 9÷52 (DC) and 90÷265 V (AC/DC)
Controlled channels 3
Power consumption, W, max.: 2,5
Mounting type DIN rail 35 mm
Case material IP 20 plastic
Overall dimensions (WxHxD), mm:
 - standard version 22.5 x 99 x 117
 - HV version 45 x 99 x 118
Mean time between failures, h 140000
Average service life, years 30
Operating temperature, oС -40 to +70

Modifications and legend

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Industrial optical bypass switch - LC multi-mode connector, power 9 - 52 V


Industrial optical bypass switch - LC single-mode connector, power 9 - 52 V


Industrial optical bypass switch - LC multi-mode connector, power 220 V


Industrial optical bypass switch - LC single-mode connector, power 220 V