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TOPAZ RPS 24V1A-3M Standby Power Supply Module

Backup power module with a built-in 24 V stabilized voltage source.
If power is lost on the main power channel, the module switches the device power to the emergency built-in power supply unit while a signal indicating the emergency operation module  mode is transmitted to the network. When power is restored on the main power channel, the module switches to normal operation mode. Operating position: any. Cooling is unhindered natural convection.
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Feature Value
Power supply specifications
Rated input voltage, V 24 (DC)
Maximum input voltage, V 28
Rated output voltage, V: - if power is available - if power is unavailable 24
Maximum load current, A 1
Battery life, at a load current of 1 A, mins. 3
Alarm output
Load voltage, V 32
Load current, mA 60
Maximum pulse current (up to 3 sec.), mA 100
Number of operations under load, min. 100000
Case IР20 metal
Mounting DIN rail 35 mm
Module dimensions (width х height х depth), mm 160 х 100 х 77
Weight, kg 1
Reliability performance
Mean time between failures, h 140000
Average service life, years 30
Operating environment:
Ambient air temperature, 0С -40 to +70
Average humidity (non-condensing), % 5 ÷ 95 at 30 °C
Air pressure, kPa 60 ÷ 106.7
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