PLC Technology
Security and Fire Alarm

TOPAZ SCU SF8 Security and Fire Alarm Module

The module is designed for controlling the state of security and fire alarm loops.
  • Specifications


Feature Value
Fire and security alarm channels
Number of channels 8
Controlled voltage ranges 5
Maximum permissible current flowing through the terminals of the fire alarm loops, mA 50
Discrete input channels
Number of channels 4
Type of connected sensors passive, dry contact
Remote control channels
Number of channels 4
Type of outputs mechanical relay - 2, solid-state relay - 1,
open collector - 1
RS-485 communication interface
Baud rate, bit/s: up to 115,200
Data exchange protocol IEC 870-5-101
Mains specifications
Rated supply voltage, V 24 (DC)
Operating supply voltage range, V 15 ÷ 30
Current consumption (at 24 V), mA 150
Mounting type DIN rail 35 mm
Case material plastic
Case protection class IР20
Module dimensions (width х height х depth), mm 22.5 x 99 x 117
Weight, kg 0,3
Reliability performance
Mean time between failures, h 140000
Average time to restore operability at the operation facility (excluding the time of personnel arrival and if spare parts are available), min, max. 30
Average service life, years 30
Operating environment:
Ambient air temperature, 0С -40 to +70
Average humidity (non-condensing), % 5 ÷ 95 at 30 °C
Air pressure, kPa 60 ÷ 106.7
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