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TOPAZ MRP Standby Power Supply Module Mains supply

It is designed to organize round-the-clock power supply of devices powered by 24 V DC, including telemechanics, relay protection and automation equipment. The module provides uninterrupted automatic switching of the power supply of the consumers connected to its output from the main supply input to the backup input and vice versa in case of loss or impermissible deviation of the voltage parameters.
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Feature Value
Power supply specifications
Operating supply voltage range, V: - main channel - backup channel 90 ÷ 264 (AC) 9 ÷ 15 (DC)
Rated supply voltage value, V: - main channel - backup channel 220
Rated output voltage, V 24
Maximum output voltage error, %,max. ± 2
Output voltage ripple amplitude, mV 100
Maximum load current in the channel (at 24 V), A 2
Current consumption at input voltage ~ 220 V, A 0,3
Over current protection threshold 1.2 ÷ 1.8 Imax
Output voltage instability during supply voltage change, % max. ± 0.2
Output voltage instability during loadd voltage change, from 0.1 Imax to Imax,% ± 0.2
Case IP 20 plastic
Mounting DIN rail 35 mm
Module dimensions (width х height х depth), mm 22.5 x 99 x 117
Weight, kg 0,5
Reliability performance
Mean time between failures, h 140000
Average service life, years 30
Operating environment:
Ambient air temperature, 0С -40 to +70
Average humidity (non-condensing), % 5 ÷ 95 at 30 °C
Air pressure, kPa 60 ÷ 106.7

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