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TOPAZ HMI3 Indication Module

The TOPAZ HMI3 Indication Module is designed for displaying the results of TOPAZ converter measurements.
The module can be connected to other converters, remote control devices, and computers via the RS-485 interface.
This module can be configured via the RS-485 interface or directly using the indication panel.
  • Specifications


Feature Value
Power supply specifications
Rated supply voltage, V 24 (DC),
220 V (optional)
Power consumption, max., W 5
Screen features
Screen type digital segment display
Digit size, mm 20х13
Number of displayed lines, pcs. 3
Number of digits per line, pcs. 4
Emission color green
Data interface features
Data interface RS-485
Baud rate, bit/s: up to 115,200
Data exchange protocol Modbus RTU
Mounting type in the switch cabinet cell door
Case material plastic
Case protection class IР20
Module dimensions (width х height х depth), mm 120x120x50
Weight, kg 0,4
Reliability performance
Mean time between failures, h 140000
Average recovery time at the operation site (excluding the time of personnel arrival and if spare parts are available), minutes, max. 30
Average service life, years 30
Operating environment:
Ambient air temperature, °С -40 to +70
Relative humidity (non-condensing), % 5 ÷ 95 at 30 °C
Air pressure, kPa 60 ÷ 106.7
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