Remote Control Devices More Information Measuring transducers More Information Data Access Server More Information Telecommunications equipment The TOPAZ network switches are the optimal solution for building high-performance local area networks of any size and complexity. More Information Clock Synchronization Device The synchronization system (SS) is an important part of any automated control system. Global navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS) provide accurate synchronization of satellite signal receiver time. To synchronize time in automatic systems for commercial accounting of power consumption, automated process control systems, relay protection and automation systems , power quality metering systems, emergency event recording systems, and other systems where accurate time-frequency synchronization is required, the TOPAZ Metronome PTS device is used. For TOPAZ IEC DAS data access servers (MX240 and MX681 series), it is possible to install a time synchronization module for synchronizing network devices using PTP and NTP protocols. More Information Digital Substation PLC Technology is actively developing and manufacturing equipment for Digital Substations (DSS). Over the long period of work, we have created our own vision of the DSS concept, and also developed a line of equipment and software for building DSSs, to implement DSS technologies in the equipment of single turnkey vendor. MU Series Merging Units are designed to interface existing measurement current and voltage transformers with the IEC 61850-9-2 bus. The MU series devices also support the exchange of information on the state of switching devices and the execution of commands for their control in accordance with IEC 61850-8-1 (GOOSE). In addition, the commercially available PM7 and MTU5 series modules also support IEC 61850. The IEC 61850 standard is implemented both for the exchange of GOOSE messages and for the exchange of MMS messages for vertical communication with substation process control systems. More Information Optical monitoring systems Comprehensive solutions for monitoring cable lines. More Information Security and Fire Alarm More Information Video Surveillance The TOPAZ VR video recorders are designed to organize a video surveillance system having the ability to record, store and transmit video. The video recorders support web monitoring and configuring of connected cameras, camera control and event logging. It is possible to connect PoE/PoE+ cameras. The number of data ports, connected cameras and the volume of the data storage device depend on the modification and can be selected depending on consumer needs. More Information Power Supply TOPAZ devices for power supply to facilities. More Information Auxiliary equipment More Information